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Thyroid Yoga® is a healing practice that infuses wisdom from Western and Eastern medical perspectives to create a total healing approach with deep roots in integrative medicine and intuitive self-healing. 

The methodology integrates Kundalini Yoga, Katonah Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Breath Work, Meditation, and Essential Oils for a total, full-body, mind, and spiritual approach to sustained health. Each class is created to provide balance to the nervous system and invite the body to recalibrate, ultimately promoting more efficient function to the entire glandular system. The asanas specifically target the thyroid, adrenals, lungs, liver, and lymphatic system to facilitate an instant feeling of rejuvenation, energy, and mental clarity.

Thyroid Yoga® has been endorsed by leading medical doctors as a proven way to help restore and realign the energetic and biochemical mechanisms that influence thyroid functioning.

Abigail believes in Thyroid Yoga® as a means of re-learning the art of coming home to yourself. She has battled with Hypothyroidism and PCOS and is forever grateful to Fern Olivia and the Thyroid Yoga® practice for its role in her healing journey.

Abigail is honored to teach Thyroid Yoga ® in the New York City area.

“Abigail has an innate gift for intuitively knowing how to guide a class of varying levels, giving attentive hands-on-adjustments, and curating an experience that weaves metaphor, poetic inspiration and body wisdom. When she arrived in one of my yoga classes in New York City, I noticed her body awareness and vibrant energy immediately and as she told me her desire to become a Thyroid Yoga® instructor after class, her face lit up - I had this instant hit that she would be a natural! Now, she is my go-to Thyroid Yoga® instructor in NYC and it's been a pleasure to watch her magnetic and knowledgable style of teaching evolve. She's a gift to this world and she is a sweet ray of light in my life. I highly recommend her for private sessions, group classes, workshops, retreats and trainings.” - Fern Olivia, Thyroid Yoga® founder